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  1. Lori Beinhauer on said:

    I am looking for all natural flavorings with no dye to make cotton candy floss. Would these be good for that??? And if so, is it the water based flavor that is best for cotton candy floss? Also how many drops would I need in a pound of sugar? Thanks

  2. nathalye Boucher on said:

    Oil or water base best for hard candy? Your site states both. I’ve been using water base. Ive ordered many time but the bottles do not have labels. could the bottles come with labels stating water base or oil in the future?

    • You can use either or both because candy making requires such high heat ANYTHING would decide to “come together.” In my early years it was claimed oil based protected to the flavor esters and would last longer when subjected to higher heat (so you would need less.) I use either when making candy and I see little difference. More flavors are avilable in PG or water based than oil based.

  3. Someone asked how do you list the ingredients on packaging and it depends on what you are making. But most any baked goods or food products need only state “and natural and artificial flavoring” as flavor itself is usually a proprietary formula. Just look on the back of about any finished product-like flavored coffee beans, ice cream, even flavor extracts.

  4. Love this company! It blows my mind how spot on these flavors are. Spoke with the owner a long time ago and she stayed on the phone with me for over an hour on her birthday non the less. Great products and great customer service. Just a suggestion but I would love to see you come out with a powdered sugar flavoring soon.

    • lauren hatfield on said:

      I just purchased some of your candy making oils that I will be using for saltwater taffy. I was just wondering how much flavoring is standardly used? I know with Lorraine oils, they usually require an entire ounce for adequate flavor. Thank you so much, I am very excited about trying your product. 🙂

  5. Jordyn on said:

    Outstanding flavors. We’ve tried many from various companies and yours win, hands down. We’re particularly fond of the Bavarian Cream and Custard flavors (though everything we’ve tried has been fantastic). Great customer service, great prices, exceptional quality… we couldn’t be happier as customers. Thank you for offering these fine products. We look forward to continuing to enjoy them.

  6. I have a bunch of your flavors, they’re great!! One question though: When using your flavor oils in candy, how should we list your flavors to comply with fda ingredient standards? Thanks in advance.

  7. chuckanddeb99 on said:

    Great Flavors coming from these guys ! Safety is top priority ! I am looking forward to their new Yogurt every flavor I have tried from F.L. is First class !!!

  8. brandyleemorse on said:

    Aren’t they amazing?! Anything you need they are quick to act! I did not have an experience such as yours, but I am one of her testers for all the amazing flavors she has and she is absolutely spot on with her customer service!! She always emails me back instantly, and that alone gives this company a 100% rating

  9. I can’t attest to the flavors yet as I’m still tinkering but I wanted to post a review regarding their customer service. Short of the long is that I placed an order with them and somehow the order seemed to be misplaced. I replied to the confirmation email they sent to me when my order was placed asking for status of my order since it had been a week and a half since I placed it and had not received it yet. I was responded to quickly and politely indicating that somehow my order was overlooked and that they were not only refunding my order in total but still were shipping my product as well. Not only did they do that, they upgraded the sizes of my flavors. Their customer service is excellent. The only thing is that I wish it was easier to get a hold of them as there are no “contact” links on their page.

  10. john on said:

    well i just got off the phone with the owner of this company and we had a great conversation wish i had more time to talk. We are an E-liquid producer not a flavor manufacturer like her and her crew. This is the flavoring you need to put you in a higher class than most other E-liquid producers whether you are a small start up on your own or if you are a big wheel. the flavors they produce can be used to make the current juices you have explode once you replace the Flavor west and other less refined flavors you may use. the flavors they produce also will help cut your costs in the long run since you do not have to use a solid MILL for the flavor to surface. Flavor Laboratories has this art down to a science and that is why we are in process to convert all flavor west and others we currently use that do not hold themselves to the high standard that they do. thank you

    thank you for the time today “D”.

  11. brandyleemorse on said:

    These are some top notch flavors!!! I would buy from this company above all the rest without a doubt! I have tried many of the flavors but red hot, butter rum, and grand mariner are my all day everyday vape flavors…mixed together they are absolutely AMAZING!!!! Best ejuice flavors I have EVER tried!!! Look no further because you have found the best vendor around!!

  12. brandyleemorse on said:

    Flavors for are all amazing!!! I would buy all my future mixing flavors from here above all the rest as they very authentic and never have a chemical aftertaste…butter rum, grand mariner, and red hot are among my favorite to vape on but there are many others I tried that are top notch!! Best flavors EVER!!! A definite must buy for your flavor stash!!

  13. Scott Hauf on said:

    I love all the flavors I’ve got from here, but I have to say that the Pecan flavor is my favorite. It is a great flavor that I vape a lot. My wife (who doesn’t vape or smoke) even loves the odor. She says it reminds her of waiting for the Pecan pie to come out of the oven on Thanksgiving.

  14. Joe Meuser on said:

    Coffee bean flavoring. I purchased flavoring for home roasting coffee beans and am beyond pleased. I flavor the beans right after roasting and the results are dramatic. The Pralines and Cream is my personal favorite. I am order several more flavors and will be happy to share the results.

  15. Recently tried a couple flavors and WOW, really great stuff. I was looking for an awesome sweet cream and vanilla ice cream. Ive ordered samples from many companies costing me quit a few dollars…..wish i would have started here first.

  16. Finding this company was like finding gold at the end of the rainbow, as a small town vape shop looking for an edge in a market of giants, we have arrived. Our shop started putting out these premium quality e-juice flavors on our (one of a kind) sample bar…to date, every one of “vapor-flavors” have out performed and out sold every other pre-bottled juice flavor on the bar, hence, we have voted to stop buying any other brand or any other flavor from any company, except this one. We Love The Flavor, Our Customers Love Us because we got the Vapor- Flavor they want.

    Great Company, Excellent Customer Service and Fast Shipping, this is the only business in this industry we can truly say this about and vapor flavorings we can proudly stand behind.

  17. David Falzone on said:

    I’ve tried flavoring from a bunch of different companies, TFA, Capella, Ecigxpress ( for there signature flavors that TFA wont sell, even though they make it. In my area theres a few vape shops that make really good eliquid & they wern’t to friendly to DIY’ers, So I made it a point to find there sources/supplier (which wasn’t hard) and this is how I found the holy grail of QUALITY Flavorings, every single flavor is out of this world & tastes amazing, I haven’t noticed any ethyl alcohol, where as I would steep flavorings for a few hours to dial it down & and then i could actually smell the flavoring and not the ethyl alcohol. Also the flavoring is very potent which is a good thing, I do between 5-7 drops per 15ml per flavor i mix & for me thats the perfect ratio to use, I do dripping and changed my coil the day I got my shipment of of 30+ flavorings & its still perfect and not gunked up, like other flavorings do.

    I’m very thankful to the team, please keep doing what your doing, providing quality professional flavors to the consumers, when most places wouldn”t for fear of loosing business.

    Thank you!!

  18. I am a disabled Firefighter/Paramedic that mostly sits around and vapes (wheelchair or canes to move anywhere) most of the day and owned by has just made my vaping so much more enjoyable. The flavors are delicious and long lasting. I wasted a lot of money until I found them. Usually after I vape a whole clearomizer I’m desensitized to the taste, but nor theirs. The flavor just keeps on going. Try them, you WON’T be sorry!!

    Review of Review

  19. Interested in mixing flavors to make new recipes

  20. I want to start using the water based flavors in Moonshine. has anyone tied this and much flavor do you need per 5 gals on moonshine and is the flavoring enough or do i need to add a flavored rum/vodka/brandy/schnapps/ THANKS PEPS

    • M.J. Wright on said:

      I have been using these products to flavor alcoholic beverages for about 2 years. You will need about 1/8 of a teaspoon per liter. I’d suggest you start with a 2 oz sample with a 1/2 drop (droppers are ESSENTIAL so I hope you ordered them). Hope this helps.

  21. Dayna Brown review on said:

    Candy flavor dot com is THE BEST source for eLiquid flavor concentrate! As a manufacturer of E-Juice, is the only place to buy supplies and I have tried them ALL. The flavorings are first of all delicious! (My favorite being Blueberry) But the best thing as a manufacturer is that the flavors are consistent. They dont just broker flavor so it is not diluted or OLD. I had major problems on West Coast with old our diluted flavor because they were not really manufacturers. Plus it took me weeks to get flavors when I needed gallons. NOT ANYMORE!!

    You can buy every flavor you could possibly want from one source. Before finding I was sourcing my flavor concentrate from several different popular flavoring companies. The problem was each of their flavorings had different ratios of flavor, PG, ethyl alcohol, and water. So some flavors were watered down and too thin and some flavors were thick or had too much coloring added.

    This means that for each flavor, you have to drastically change the ratio of your other bases for E-Juice. It was time consuming to have to make several different base recipes and hard to make things in bulk. With, all the flavors are consistent and come the same. You can have one recipe for your base and only slightly change the ratio of the flavoring added depending on what flavor it is. For example, citrus flavors tend to be a little stronger than berry flavors. It makes your E-juice consistent, the right thickness, easy to create ratios that provide a good balance of throat hit or vapor production. Also, if you are sourcing flavors elsewhere, you will find that your e-juices will fly off your shelf significantly faster than your other brands. For my e-juice, consistency is the first priority followed by flavor, service from the vendor you buy from (, and the ability to have a wide variety of flavors. is the only supplier that I have found that has NUMEROUS flavors in EVERY category from berries to candy flavors. I am currently in the process of replacing all of my e-juice to exclusively Flavor concentrate. ENJOY!! By the way, the service is fast and any questions you have are answered quickly! LOVE That!! My review

  22. mark blaster on said:

    We have ordered every flavor out there including over seas companies as well, no one comes close on the flavors these guys shred!! Can ya tell I’m from Sol Cal haha;) we are a small company called Pure Lightning we vape and make juices, we are also involved in cancer prevention charities we hope one day people will stop smoking cigs and at least vape!! Much better way too go if your gonna smoke, our first large order is going out May 12 2014 and candy flavor dot com will be a big part of our success, one love one life one vape:)

  23. Big Puffs review I love the flavor laboratories inc people at candyflavor dot com, every time I have ever ordered there it comes quickly. They have always offered me helpful tips in creating some of the most delicious flavors on the market is famous for it’s smurf island. This flavor is truly a winner. If stuck on a deserted island and I had one choice of flavor to choose for eternity I would choose the smurf island. Hands down. But again I highly recommend to anyone looking to create magic!!!! candyflavor dot com reviews flavor laboratories

  24. Dee Dee on said:

    Best supplier! Fast shipping! Great product! Great customer service! Can’t wait to continue business with them! My review

  25. We’ve been using flavors from in our eLiquids for quite some time now. And they’re the best in the business. Their flavors are clean, crisp, accurate, and always consistent from batch to batch. Between that and the exceptional customer service you can’t go wrong!

  26. Alan Dray on said:

    We are adding a vape bar & liquids to our already existing E cig business, I have been on numerous web sites in search of products and information and have found Candy Flavor dot com reviews and staff to be the most helpful not only in flavors but how to start a vape bar, awesome website, felt like I was getting helpful information, not just sold. The flavor kit I purchased was every thing promised and the Quality is impeccable. Reviews

  27. Tina & Mike on said:

    We ordered some D.. Pepper* flavoring and we are looking to reorder. We love your flavors and are happy with your wide selection. However, upon trying to reorder the D. P* flavor, we noticed that you no longer have it listed. Is this something that we will be able to order in the future? Thanks!

  28. review owned by Flavor Laboratories is most certainly the best flavor for vaping and eliquid we have ever tried. I have two flavor testers, these guys have sampled over thousands of flavors from Lorann and concentrates and other flavor companies like Capella, PA, and nothing even comes close to compare with !

    Also the ladies and gents at have been oh so helpful to me and me getting the store up and running. They have a unique taste for the right flavor because they vapes. Just wanted to share and say thank you to and helping make what it is today! I have had a website for a year and am just opening a brick and mortors store because I made the proft to do so. Micheal at my review

  29. Carrie S on said:

    I own a vapor lounge in Kansas, candy flavor dot com had amazingly helpful staff, i found it by searching candy flavor dot com reviews and there was not any so I am posting this. made sure we got a great deal, helped us perfect our product line with their flavor blending chart which we got with our flavor blending kit.

    The flavor blending kit improved our sales tremendously and gave our customers more selection than they could have imagined. We have used other companies in the past, but the shipping always took weeks and less product for money money! only took a couple of days to ship, everything was packaged professionally and the customer service was a God send.

    We are so grateful and our customers LOVE the flavors! I would recommend this company to any other vapor lounge (or diy) who wants a no hassle, easy shipment and professional grade flavor for vaping. Even better, we are able to use it in many products, not just our vapes.. we use their flavor to flavor our coffee beans [oen teaspoon per pound of beans] and tea’s as well. I saw no reviews for and I know what it’s like to get the run around with companies and for once, there is a company out there who just does it right the first time.. for my lounge, that’s priceless. My review

  30. John Romano on said:

    Flavorings oils are outstanding.

  31. Sonia on said:

    Can these be used to flavor cakes – like a butter pecan flavor or is this just for commercial use? Please let me know. Thanks, Sonia

    • Yes, but just a few drops or you can WAAAY over do it. I added a few drops of our vanilla to Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Souflee and it was awesome – but the vanilla was making the room fragrant and just too much for even me. I am de-sensatized most of the time because I work with flavor all day. And how can one over do vanilla? I sure did. I think I added 1/4 a teaspoon to the 3 pound dish and it was too much. I should have stirred it in with just a tooth pick for the residue amount.

  32. charles pattinson on said:

    can these flavours be used in the electronic cigarette juice

  33. Peter Bienvenu on said:

    How do we order flavor oils? Peter

  34. So many flavors; so hard to choose! Mix and matching is an art we excel in. At our e-cigarette flavors are developed by our on-site staff. we use many different flavor vendors for our creations and we vape each discovery ourselves to find the most satisfying flavor. We agree that watermelon is a top choice!

    We often blend the same flavor from two different vendors together to get the final perfect result. for instance, one vendor’s flavor may have a sweet note while another’s may have the same flavor with a bit of a tang note.

  35. We have been buying flavor for several years to flavor our coffee beans. The flavor is awesome and permeates the air of our shop. Favorite flavors are Highlander Grogg, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate Raspberry to name a few top sellers.

  36. Flavoring PopCorn Balls Fund Raiser on said:

    We make all kinds of gormet popcorn and popcorn balls for fundraising. We use a sugar coating to stick it all together – and we flavor that sugar coating with various flavors. We find this to be the highest profit project we ever tried (and we have tried many) and fun to do. Flavors include: Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Caramel Apple, Marshmallow with Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry [when 4th of July rolls around) Pina Colada, Coconut, Snickersa and Butterfingers. We do more but those are the most popular.

    • Tom Plyler on said:

      I’m looking for recipes and methods to apply candy coating to popcorn, commercially. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  37. We are a group of beekeepers and share a few Farmer’s Market outlets. We buy the waterbased flavors to flavor our honey. We offer 38 flavors but the best sellers naturally are cinnamon, vanilla, apricot and mango. We even buy a few floral flavors from here which are rose and jasmine. They sell pretty well because they are unusual flavors.


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