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Can You Loose 30 Pounds using Our Flavor in an “Ice Diet?”

His main message was thanking me he lost 30 pounds using my flavor over the last six weeks.  Well, I had just lost 30pound also but using Ozembic, as I am a diabetic.    He had been making “Smoothies” to stay full and using our flavor to placate hid.  Since his project was working so well, his family was joining him!  Howard turned out to be a famous glass artist, and me trying to get a hold of him directly and bypass his family was quiet comical.  I guess they screen and protect the artist extremely well.  I actually got the impression I was not going to be able to talk to “Howard” or expect a return phone call!  To me, that was amusing.  It is not easy to get a hold of me.  Thousands hope to pick my brain and know if they are lucky enough – I never get off the phone…!

Howard took my call after some five minute waiting period, and deep long lasting friendship was struck.  I told him I was elated he used “drops” as measurement so it was very easy for me to follow his recipe and recreate what he did like and did not like.  He really did not have anything he did not like.  Whew.  I asked for permission to repost his “Ice Smoothie Formula” and he was thrilled in effort to help others.  We also talked about Ozembic, of course.  The way I had also just lost 30 pounds and felt I regained a LIFE post Covid weight.

In general we are hearing about “Ice Diets” and from a quick glance it seemed some company was selling their product to loose weight when I think the real secret came down to the use of ice.  It seems our bodies have to burn 100 calories or more in the stomach to get ice to room temperature to continue to process.  It actually makes sense but I have ZERO clue other than Howard and his family are happy and all losing weight.

Of course his family has Medical Doctors overlooking their activities.  I felt perhaps numbing the stomach could also be part of why an ice type diet could have merit.  I really do not know.  But here is…

Howard’s Ice Thermal Smoothie Recipe [236 ML smoothie total]

Almond Milk              6 Ounces

Ice                               2 Ounces+ 

                                    *Described as 8 ice cubes

Fiber                           1 Tablespoon

Flavoring                   2.5 ML

                                    *Described as half a teaspoon of flavor concentrate from Flavor Laboratories

Sweetener                 To Taste – All Sweeteners vary

Howard was using saccharin which I find to be the worst tasting of sweeteners.  I much prefer sucralose although it is getting its own bad press.  Stevia is PERFECT and many flavorist like me have found a nice balance between mostly Stevia and a touch of sucralose if we must entertain a sugar free type base for a customer.  This can be scaled way up depending on how many servings.  The calories seems to be at least 40.  I have not asked him yet but I assume he drinks at least ten a day which would be at least 400 calories, definitely not a nutritious type of diet….but interesting he does not feel deprived.  I guess I also will try this out of sheer curiosity.

This is part four of a four part series…all complete. ©2023  Deborah Dolen, Flavorist

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2 thoughts on “Flavor Labs Ice Thermal Smoothie Recipe

  1. Demetruis Mitchel on said:

    I have been a candy flavor customer since the early 2000’s. I utilize these incredible flavors to flavor my royal icing for my teacakes. I tried Bickford & LouAnn flavor brands my customers let me know my icing flavor was not tasting the same. I went back to candyflavor.com no customer issues since. I can’t find better flavors nor better pricing for my icing flavors.

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