The Flavored Coffee Market is HOT – No One Ever Went Broke Selling Coffee

No One Ever Went Broke Selling Coffee

The coffee market outperformed most any other snack or beverage even during Covid era and kept us well in the green. Coffee is second only to oil as a world economy!  Empires were won and lost not only on just salt, but coffee. During the Depression, “Roosevelt Coffee” was born. I study what we ate during hard times because we are so spoiled and so fragile. Roosevelt coffee was simply “reused coffee grounds.” Wow! I guess that is where a flavorist would be handy. The poor drank reused coffee grounds. During and post Covid I as seeing aspiring entrepreneurs make hundreds of dollars a week JUST selling “Cold Brew” Batches from their home! Most fall under very simple cottage industry laws.

Post Covid and shipping shortages many entities that buy flavor from us added to their work load area’s they would formally subcontract out, in order to survive.  Example, a person buying flavored beans to sell at a Farmer’s Market for $6 a pound would resell a 12 ounce bag for $12,  But then their flavored bean  sources were doubling their prices to $12 a pound wholesale (whether they truly endured an increase or not.)  So, many resellers also became coffee bean roasters and called us to understand the flavor application processes. 

A very savvy Roaster told me lately she orders her beans already roasted now from South America because it saves dramatically on the ship weight, price and fees!  Already roasted beans weigh far less than green beans.  It also reduces her cost of having to roast on her end.  She does flavor on her end, and that is where I come in.  That brought her and I to another topic, she has like 20 coffee trucks now and a little empire fleet going…flavored syrup prices were really eating into her profits.  I do not sell flavored syrups.  The next article was the brain child of where this ends….and making your own syrups and saving thousands of dollars takes off. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

This is part two of a four part series…all complete.   ©2023  Deborah Dolen, Flavorist

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