Saving Thousands of Dollars on Coffee Flavor Syrup and Snow Cone Syrup

Saving Thousands of Dollars on Coffee Flavor Syrup and Snow Cone Syrup

Just make your own!  Water is heavy and that is basically all that is being shipped at very high freight rates cross country, which also takes time, etcetera.  A simple syrup recipe is usually 50:50 OK?    Citric Acid is great if your doing snow cones, it’s a form of vitamin C, a great natural preservative, but does not go over well in coffee desert type flavors.  No one wants a lemon back note in their German Chocolate Cake cup of coffee.

So I do not like to mess with any preservatives and why I have not introduced any syrup line of our flavors.  If I wanted to do that my options would all be citrus like, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, which I am not here to trash but I am not going to use them.  I have found MY SIMPLE SYRUP lasts 3 weeks EASY on my Café counters with no preservatives as long as I used distilled water in the 50:50 Mix and real cane sugar.  I do NOT use “beet sugar.”  We do keep a “visual” on everything we know has no preservatives, just in case.  Do NOT use “tap water.”   Using tap water, even claiming to be purified defeats the purpose here. 

My coffee cartel roaster customer did remind me the best way to kill a cup of coffee is to use distilled water.  She does however, use top of the line water purification systems.  I agreed, but then we both agreed it is necessary limited to the purpose of avoiding preservative in specifically the syrup preparation.

You must properly wash your sugar syrup pumps periodically ANYWAYS so this is the time and the way you can also just reuse your glass bottles (trying to protect your labeling).  Some customers are now just using huge five gallon Copper Vessels with a spigot to pour their simple syrup then add a few drops of our flavor, when done pouring the syrup,  depending on what their server is making.  This also saves a TON of garbage, plastic trash outflow each and every day!  On top of that…it limits what you need to even buy!  So my customers do not have to buy every flavor only to find a few sell.  Now, she brought up reality – that her main store could use the copper method but the coffee trucks will always have to use the 750 ML Glass bottles with pumps they have been trained on.  Variation enter regarding how mny pumps equal small, medium, or large…of the same drink flavor.

Because each recipe requires exact amounts of pumps.  This means her main flavors in the trucks will have to be prepared at the main café with the goal of 750 mg in mind.  In that case, each bottle will need 2 Ounces (60 ML) of our flavor added before the syrup if poured in.  The great news is you CAN use our EXISTING flavoring to do this and you do not need to buy any ‘different’ type flavor from us.  For this new program I can also provide a blending sheet where say, 10 main flavors can make 30.

I do not plan to enter the syrups market beyond encouraging people to make their own using our recipe, which is basically universal to a simple syrup.  Many customers have pleaded with me to make matching syrups because their flavored beans sell so well and my flavor formulas so good they can find none better.  My “Butter Pecan” is one of the most highly sought after flavors as well as anything Chocolate, Blueberry or even Tiramisu.  This is where HOWARD comes in….

Our Concentrated Flavors Have Been Updated – More Powerful and Precise

WHO the heck is HOWARD?

Now I am under pressure as I sit in my pink fluffy slippers watching Brenda Gantt on FACEBOOK WATCH (My guilty pleasure) a simple Southern Gal who went viral at the start if Covid trying to cheer people up …but again, I am under pressure with calls to please translate my great Butter Pecan Flavor to flavor that can be directly out into a cup of coffee and not just on the freshly roasted beans.  A few hundred emails incoming, again, I am informed….mostly about please tell us “how to use your flavor to make our own syrup”—the syrup kings our killing our profits…your flavor rocks…[I do some quick math and its just not worth it to ship basically truckloads of sugar water each and every day.  Those Syrup Giants are fighting over pennies these days and I am not a penny fighter.]

So I ask for my lab to send me over 300 2 ounce bottles of flavor concentrate and begin an arduous process of “calibrating” my flavors and formulas.  Calibrating means every five years or so, I should taste everything to make sure nothing went off in another direction (maybe due to material changes or anything overlooked) …. The main point was to make sure ONE DROP of my flavor would adequately flavor an 8 ounce cup of coffee and taste splendid.  With NO SUGAR or sweetener.  To start.  So, in doing this, I am also checking flavor POWER.  I began with the top 30 most popular.  Many flavors after the top 30  are usually blends of the top 30.  I am feeling daunted as the task is before me….then I get this outrageous order for SNOW CONE SYRUP FLAVOR.  The date?  Four days before Thanksgiving.  The North East was already getting a beating with snow.

Who the heck is HOWARD Snow Cone Maker?  And how is he making thousands of dollars selling snow cones in winter blizzards?  I tell my staff treat him like a KING and send extra flavors and advice.  They ask what stood out about him?  “I said ANYBODY who can sell that many snow cones during a blizzard is a guy I want to know.”  My staff laughed.  I returned to my task. I was VERY pleased my formulas were still on PAR, impressed my own self. But a few needed more “butter notes” such as our great Southern Pecan and Butterscotch.  I had forgotten a few years ago I dialed them down and swapped materials (just in case) when there was a scare about people inhaling them.    That threat is long over.  So, out of all of our flavors I was super impressed with our Tiramisu.  I could have drank it straight up!!!  And I will start using it for my own smoothies.  You could have told me it was caramel on steroids and I would have believed you.  I do not really care for cinnamon, but cinnamon is definitely in this formula, as well as notes of espresso, custard and double vanilla with a touch of rum in the back drop. 

Pre-Christmas/Hanukkah !  I am half way through my chore of tasting ALL our flavors with main points established as doable but getting tired of all the tasting.  A letter drops in from HOWARD.  This letter discussed each and every flavor he bought and how it tasted to him, and in some cases his wife’s opinion.  He was so worried I would be upset or call him “picky.”  I was ENTRANCED in each and every word he had to say.  Lucky for me it was basically ALL the flavors I had not gotten to yet.  God is good!!!  And our father in Heaven has a great sense of humor also.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

This is part three of a four part series…all complete.  ©2023  Deborah Dolen, Flavorist

Ref 2 Gallon  5 Gallon

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