Don’t Eat Wax Bunnies and Discounts to Succeed!

Easter is coming!  Don’t Eat Wax Bunnies and Easy Gift Making Ideas

As the series of Easter (Sunday April 4th, 2021) and Mother’s Day (Sunday May 9th, 2021) approach, you may want to play with dipping your OWN REAL CHOCOLATE in fruits and sweets such as cookies!!  Doing so is very simple using mini crock pots to gently warm dark chocolate, milk chocolate or even white chocolate.  [Warm setting only for your crock pots.]  Stir occasionally as not to scorch your product.  You do not even have to clean the little crock pots out if you are dedicating them to just chocolate making use!  (The chocolate should stay good at room temp for a good three months.)  Just make sure you did not contaminate the crock pot of chocolate with fruit juice or other foods — any dipping do out side the crock pot in a smaller bowl, such as a condiment cup.  You can also decorate your dips with sprinkles and edible confetti as long as the chocolate dip is still warm. This is also an excellent competency activity for kids and adults alike.  A simple three minute making a “sugar glaze” or “glazed” fruit recipe video on bottom of this newsletter.  If you can master that simple method – the sky is the limit on your candy making ventures.  This year I plan to add some simply glazed fruit in with my chocolate dipped gifts.  As with any product dipping – try to take off any unnecessary moisture before dipping into a chocolate or clear sugar glaze.

Flat lay. Variety of chocolate dipped strawberries in a heart-shaped box.

Basically February-April I create all kinds of chocolate gifts and keep them going.  My kids are sure this was one of their best childhood memories and they are now having fun teaching their kids how to make their own chocolates.  Look for vintage bunny, spoon, or lollipop molds and consider molds an ‘investment’ for future occasions.  Spoons are great to act as coffee stirrer spoons.  In fact you can buy gold plastic spoons to be the spoons you dip and decorate.  They can be found in the plastic dishware section of most grocery stores.

Did you know most all Valentine’s and especially Easter chocolates are loaded with Paraffin Wax?  (When you do order flavor make sure to tell us you are making chocolates because you need an oil based flavor.)  The best quality chocolate I have found is not the “dipping chocolate coins” in the baking section…because they are usually wax loaded.   I make a run for the Nestle Chips!  Better yet I stock up when the chips are BOGO.  I find they are the highest in quality of cocoa solids.  You can also easily make chocolate lollipops with the right molds and sticks. The best flavor combination I have seen done by a customer was a chocolate flavored with our rum and hazelnut oil based flavors.  The customer was making treasure chocolate “pirate” bars for tourist in the Caribbean and sent our staff a case.  I loved the “fruity rum nut” combination in the milk chocolate base.  

News just in:  We now accept Square as well as PayPal in any Flavor Laboratories Distributor websites such as  Doing so doubled our sales immediately.  This may be helpful to those of you with websites wondering if one merchant is enough.  Our new discount codes will work on either processor.

New Flavors – We are introducing “Banana Caramel Crunch” and “Pecan Danish” into our coffee bean flavoring line and it is now my favorite coffee bean flavor second only to my Rainforest Crunch (which is more toffee and toasted coconut flavor notes.)  Pecan is the best flavor I ever formulated out of some 300 formulations.  We also now sell “cream cheese‘ flavor and we definetly use that note in our “Pecan Danish.”

This may sound crazier than anything I have ever said – but I like watching the “Moonshiners” because their interaction with flavor, making extracts and use of entire botanicals is fascinating – but what they are playing with is all water based flavor, nothing that would apply to wax or chocolate oil based projects.   If you want to be an excellent “mixologist” in general, add that show to your favorites.

Don’t Miss These Flavor Deals!

We created a specific line of candy flavor for Amazon that performed awesome until some people started thinking it was e l i q u i d and were using the concentrated flavor straight.  Doing that would probably result in a overwhelming ghastly taste.  I realized our packaging was the problem and DID ‘look’ like what vapor people use straight up as ready flavor.   So we had to change our bottle type to be more clearly about making candy.  Now I have to sell thousands of bottles of one ounce flavor conccentrate at a discount to move them along.  The bottle alone is worth it because bottles with dropper caps have been hard to find with the Coivd demands on any vials or droppers.

These glass one ounce bottles with dropper tops were $19.95 on Amazon and we are practically giving them away for $4.95 a bottle.  Please do not forget these are  powerful X10 flavors.  They are all water based…so they will not work with chocolates or oil based projects.  Since there is a bottle crises, again, due to covid and many glass makers shifting to making vials for the vaccine — bottles like these are hard to find or went up dramtically in price even for empty ones.  These water based flavors are perfect for going into cocktails (a drop can be too much) as well as into hard tack candy.  I watched a very cool and simple way to make “sea glass” candy I also felt could be used to make one big tasty piece of “stained glass” – I am going to try to insert that one minute video into this article.  It just looked so fun and you can even use this technique to glaze candy apples or nuts.  For Amazon we only sold our top 20 flavors and the list includes:  Apple-Green, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Grape, Lemon Drops, Kiwi, Menthol, Mint Chocolate, Peach, Triple Berry, Vanilla. 

Click here for the page featuring these 1 ounce bottle deals.

Discount Codes Will Abound to Help You Be a Success! Save $$$ !

Many people are starting edibles type businesses at home and we are here to support you!  We use only the best materials we can source and this reflects in great flavor edge, so you can count on REPEAT business. Repeat Business is EVERYTHING when it comes to business goals. 

Great flavor usually means top materials and why our prices are higher than our competitors retail prices.  As not to lower prices of quality goods, we decided for the next two years to be very generous with discount codes to help everyone enjoy REAL state of the art flavor regardless of what you end product is.  Bottom line – over the next two years there will always be a discount to help your business or project grow and with the best flavor there is.  FLAVOR SELLS!!!  Include us in your business plan! Repeat sales should be around 30% although we have been around a few decades so our repeat rate is much higher.

The Case of “CHEAPER”

When a customer asks me “WHY” is “so and so’s” flavoring is cheaper than mine, I tell them “that vendor is telling you the worth of their flavor.”  [Feel free to use that angle if you are ever questioned about your product price (value) being compared to another’s.]  If you have a quality product lower prices may de-value it, so go with discounts instead on any products you are tring to sell.   

Cheap flavor is made with cheap components and most comes from CHINA.  The China materials is where I find issues, so they are my last resort.  

I cannot count the west coast flavor companies pretending to be manufacturers when their usual 3 week to delivery is because they have to get their flavor in from China first.  A true flavor house should never have a back log!  We ship within two business day no matter how large the order.  YOUR FIRST DISCOUNT CODE IS 20% OFF and the code is:  DIY  (upper or lower case will not matter.)  Also the code will work on any order, regardless of who you use for payment.  We will offer better discount codes than that – but for now it’s a start.

Below is an excellent SHORT under 3 minute video showing you how to make a simple sugar glaze but this method also extends itself to the same way hard candy in general is made.  You can also make sea glass candy by simply pouring the hot mixture into a greased aluminum pan to cool and later shatter with a mallot.  In making “stained glass” or “Sea glass” candy you woudl add flavor in just before you pour you creation into molds.  Food color is swirled in AFTER it has been poured into your molds and swirled with tooth pick or bamboo stick.

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