Terpenes: Why do Some Candy and CBD Edibles Taste so Bad? Adulteration Danger in the Terpenes Market by Flavorist Deborah Dolen

CBD Should Taste Good!

Even Santa wants his CBD edibles to taste great and not like a pine tree!

Why do Some Candy and CBD Edibles Taste so Bad? Adulteration Danger in the Terpenes Market by Flavorist Deborah Dolen

A good CBD Isolate or Distillate should have no flavor or taste. We here at Flavor Labs love CBD products (not talking THC or full spectrum here) and so when we test existing products on the market we find some edibles taste GHASTLY and we also get many phone calls about someone else’s CBD product such as “should it taste so fuel like awful?” Heck NO!

Then why do some taste so bad? The maker is obviously adding back in terpenes (essential oils) found in cannabis in far too high amounts when there is no reason to be adding any at all. [Terpenes are also essential oils.] And I feel they are trying too hard [at the expense of the health of the consumer] to appear to have a powerful product. The cartridge world violating this to the hilt. Some of these companies do NOT PLAN TO STICK AROUND if trouble appears! Check how long they have been in business!!!

I wrote a popular article last year about how to use terpenes in harmony with the complimentary attributes of the real stuff – depending, naturally on the strain of Cannabis varieties. I did not mean for aspiring entrepreneurs to completely drown their product in parts per million that would then be detrimental to a consumer. For those with low attention spans I will be direct:

“Basically if it tastes like a pine tree it is from a pine tree and it is most likely too many parts per million to be ingesting so ditch it”

Our lungs, kidney and liver cannot take this kind of abuse and WHY we should not ingest essential oils. Some very stupid people began marketing terpenes as if they are just “flavors” and as if flavors such as apple, grape, strawberry were all from “terpenes” and this is ABSURD! Cannabis does happen to contain many different terpenes for certain, Alpha Pinene is one of them–but the terminology ends there. So what this “Terpene” group of people were really doing was leaning how to flavor lowest grade crap on earth (think Oregano) to try to sell it to the market as “Cannabis cup” type product and if they consider all flavor as “terpenes” its a red flag to me they are adulteration experts and know crap about essential oil toxicity, or even building real flavor for that matter.

People Using Terpenes to Enhancers Cannabis Products are trying to make a cat bark like a dog and at the expense of the consumer.”
~Deborah Dolen

This makes my job a LOT harder when this new fad market ties our phone lines up with theories that are just not even close to being right. Pure CBD is great and we will be moving forward with recipes and so on. Full spectrum is also beneficial but still taste and scent should not be very noticeable unless someone is adding useless components to make it appear “better.”

Deborah Dolen Bestselling Author of DIY Books and Flavorist


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