Flavor Labs Announces Natural Blackberry Flavor




Flavor Labs™ announces the only natural alcohol free “Blackberry” flavor on the market for wax, cbd oil, pharma and terpene flavor needs. For years Flavor Laboratories™ never offered a “blackberry” flavor because Senior flavorist at Flavor Laboratories™ could not formulate it spot on with synthetics and felt other competitors were simply using variants of blueberry and/ or grape to achieve some semblance of a Blackberry flavor profile which, of course, never tasted anything like a real blackberry. So for two decades Flavor Labs™ simply did not offer any blackberry flavor. This recently changed when Flavor Laboratories™ was able to secure exclusive natural blackberry esters from a major berry farm. The final blackberry formula is powerful, yet delicate, smooth and totally delicious. The flavor may become seasonal due to weather and other considerations but at this time Flavor Laboratories™ has made a commitment to buy and and all esters from a major United States berry concern and invested over $100,000 in the materials. Blackberry is a top selling flavor in any market so it is with great celebration Flavor Laboratories™ finally has not only a great formula – but the only naturally sourced in the states and managed to keep it alcohol free.  For more about our blackberry call 941*920*9990 or check our our 1% ultra concentrate at http://www.wax-oil-flavoring.com/

Best Kept Secret – Flavor Laboratories™ is already many top brand manufacturers best kept secret for flavor such as Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango and Blue Raspberry. Flavor Laboratories™ is comprised of senior flavorists not “wizards” at buying and cutting flavor.

Flavor Labs ™ based out of Western North Carolina are Wizards at manufacturing flavor in our Labs. Flavor Labs is not simply buyers of flavor who dilute and resell. Our flavor is so strong it can be cut several times and still be presented as a concentrated flavor. Flavor Labs ™ does not condone “cutting” but most customer are not disclosing end use. If you want true authentic flavor that has not been adulterated for profit be sure you are buying a Flavor Labs ™ product. A very new word in the shatter, wax, dab, and even vape market is “Terpenes” and “Terpene Flavoring.” This should be a big red flag because only a small group of flavor materials are in the “Terpene” family. Yes, we only use FDA approved materials but they extend well beyond the “Terpene” family.”

Blackberry flavor at Flavor Labs

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