Flavors That Can Impact Mood or Health and Holiday Flavor Line Up

Best-selling-candy-flavorFlavors That Can Impact Mood or Health  [New Holiday Flavor Line Below this Article]
Lavender has been widely known to have relaxing properties if not flat out sedation attributes for some people who are hypersensitive to botanicals.  Sometimes hypersensitivity can be a good thing.  Especially when it comes to needing sleep.  Lavender is your Fruit Loops so maybe it should not be your morning flavor but evening instead.  Vanilla, Cardamom, Milk and Honey all have relaxing properties and our senior flavorist use warm milk with cardamom to help her sleep if she has had an overly stressful day.  It works.  These happen to be the primary character notes of a good Chai.”  Your after dinner dark chocolate and mint may be keeping you awake (due to caffeine level in dark chocolate) so and Chocolate Mint combinations may be best to start your day – not end your day.  If you still like a mint at the end of the day consider vanilla mint or our mint candy flavors.
As flu season kicks in so should your “Flu away” which happens to be most Italian spices.  It has been proven viruses cannot live long in Oregano, Thyme, Basil essential oils.  We do not have this flavor and if we did it would certainly be called “Pizza.”  Maybe we can put it on the flavor creation slate.  We have not formulated it yet because we are aware of “toxic thujones” and the right materials must be carefully sourced and selected.  Also be careful when using Thyme and Sage in formulations as they both have high thujones and can be highly toxic — where only certain varieties can be used.  It is very clear to me some “mixologists” do not know this.  For more about what extracts NOT to use (even if purported generally recognized as safe read this link.)
Honey-Lemon-FlavorFor an active cold – go for MentholHoneyLemon, Eucalyptus combinations.  We sure do! Eucalyptus is so helpful we will add it as its own flavor in the next week or so.    Menthol and Peppermint can open up the bronchial tubes, reduce mucus and also sooth the areas it is exposed.    Cinnamon blends can help reduce cravings and lower blood sugar levels.  Cinnamon is also a great natural antimicrobial and circulation enhancer.  Bubble Gum formulas tend to contain a lot of materials helpful to easing a cold.  Bubble Gum formulas usually contain cinnamon, wintergreen, as well as fruits, and a touch of clove for duration of taste.  Clove has huge anti-everything properties. So this goes to say Bubble Gum mixed 50% with a Menthol may make a great blend to ease stuffy sinuses.
Best-selling-candy-flavorSex and flavor.  A study was done a long time ago to see what scents aroused men and the top three were; LavenderVanilla and Pumpkin Spice-in that order.  Maybe it would not surprise you these are all the predominate notes of Marlboro and that study was probably why.  The holiday flavors just beginning to fly out the door are usually high in ginger and cinnamon – and great for general circulation and offer some antimicrobial properties that are tastier than the pizza family although not quite as effective.
Holiday Flavors – Because Flavor Sells!
Pumpkin-Pie-FlavorIt is Pumpkin Spice everything and over the summer we greatly improved our Pumpkin Spice formula.  In doing so we went for the gold with Pumpkin Pie!  Our pumpkin spice is all natural made with Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Ginger, Allspice, and other complimentary notes.  Using pricey cinnamon bark was key to a great woody cinnamon sweet flavor and a move away from a chemically cinnamon used by many flavor houses.  I expect my cinnamon to be deep, rich, woody and sweet.  We use Vietnamese Cinnamon which is considered the best.  The upgraded changes to the original formula were tested the last 30 days and we began selling them on September 1, 2015.
Our pumpkin pie is everything a pumpkin pie should be.  Lucky for me it is one of my favorites and I do not like people selling me “Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream” for example, when all I taste is really just pumpkin spice and no cooked pumpkin flesh.  We got the pumpkin flesh right as well as the creamy, eggy, and condensed milk notes.  Other important holidays flavors include “Butter Rum” and Mint anything, such as chocolate mint or white chocolate mint.  Coconut can be worked in this theme with favorable results.
The following new flavors will show up in the next seven days in our carts….Our cerealHot-Apple-Cider-Flavor line is doing fabulous and we have added Cereal #6 which tastes like AppleJax Cereal #7 was added a Cocoa Puffs type we adore.  It is a heavenly scent in our compound room for certain.  While on the Apple subject we created Apple Cider as a new flavor and it is spiced.  Nilla Wafers were just perfected and will be known as Vanilly Nilly.   Out of nowhere our new Ambrosia Flavor became popular across the ecig, and shisha markets.  If you have the flavor blending kit you can build it with equal parts of the following:  Cherry, Marshmallow, Orange, Pineapple, and Coconut.  Ambrosia is on the menus but was never announced until this newsletter.  Cake Batter is next as a great new flavor.Nilly-Vanilly-Flavor
New Additions to the 70% Off Discount Menu
Candy-Corn-FlavorWe our changing our 70% off specials line by the end of this week (Sept 18th, 2015) and all flavors that were there are now on the main menu at the regular prices in case you developed a following for any of them.  I made sure to replace that area with as many good ones as I could.  Cream Soda is on that list as well as Root Beer, and the about to be popular again candy corn.  Please make a separate order for the 70% off flavors.  Some people are using a healthy discount code they may possess with that sale and potentially we owe them money! Since those were supposed to be already posted [surprise, surprise, surprise-think Gomer Pyle)] I will go ahead and post what they are:  Amaretto, Banana Split, Bavarian Cream, Beach Fruit, Candy Corn, Cantaloupe, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint, Cola, Cream Soda, Licorice, Rain Forest Crunch, Root Beer, RY4, Swedish Fish, Swisher Sweet, and Thai Dragon.
Quality Changes in July 
We used to spend a hundred grand a year to advertise.  In July we were trying to slow the company down in order to implement many new things (such as new labels,) reorganize our work areas, review blends being shipped, and plan the holiday menu.  After stopping all advertising (we planned to resume 30 days later) we were shocked to see our orders increase and not slow down at all.  Even so, many important things happened in July of 2015 at our company.  The most important thing that happened is our flavor became more consistent and dependable.  Anyone who was “doing their own thing” as far as mixing flavor and not a team player was terminated-despite any emotional attachments.  Our basic premise is this “Always treat our customers as we expect to be treated – and give them our best” when it comes to product they are paying hard earned money for.  And it really helps that they get the flavor the actually ordered and not something “close enough” or weaker.
Hope Everyone Has a Great Holiday Season for 2015!  


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