diacetyl free custard flavor

Finally a Custard Flavor with NO Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin or Diacetyl

Custard Flavor with NO Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin or Diacetyl 

We are pleased to announce we now have a dynamite Custard and Bavarian Cream flavor concentrates that have no controversial butter notes at all. I have spent considerable time formulating Custard and Bavarian Cream. These are flavors we NEVER sold until this month because I wanted a year to reformulate them. I knew many people are vaping the candy flavor, including myself. After a good 12 months I have perfected a nice creamy Custard and Bavarian Cream without the use of Acetyl Propionyl FEMA Number 2841 and without the use of Acetyl Methyl Carbinol FEMA Number 2008 [Acetoin] – in fact I use no Acetyls at all. Custard, if you look at the real life recipe-never calls for butter at all. I began my formula with an examination of the real life recipe.

diacetyl free custard flavor

Custard flavor concentrate w no diacetyl or acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl

Since I am on that subject, lets talk about Acetyl Propionyl FEMA Number 2841.  I get over 100 e-mails a day asking “You don’t use the custard note  do you?”  My answer is usually “there are a lot of compounds used for custard.”

If I went further-I would say….Acetyl Propionyl is NOT “just” a “Custard” note it is a “Butter” note and NOT known to flavorists at all as a “Custard” note!  What do my flavorist books say?

“Acetyl Propionyl tastes from 1-5 parts per million is “buttery, diacetyl-like, fermented dairy, creamy, popcorn”

and nothing about custard.  In fact custard notes are  mainly expressed in Vanitrope as I know it and I won’t formulate with that one either when it comes to vaping.  I am tired of a non-flavorist using a position of power to really confuse people with statements that are wrong or not quite right–for the sole purpose of making millions doing it.  And to mesmerize people that Acetyl Propionyl is “just a harmless” custard note, worse, while claiming all their flavors are “FDA Approved ingredients” including that one.  Their pretense of “transparency” is nauseating.

So the truth is no flavor ingredient was EVER FDA approved for inhalation and Acetyl Propionyl FEMA Number 2841 is used in far more flavors than “Custard,” is more known as a “Butter” note and it is DANGEROUS!   Almost all vape people know or are starting to grasp-diacetyl is naturally created by the “substitutes” relatives of diacetyl the moment they hit heat!  Acetyl Propionyl is the biggie.  Acetoin is still a close relative of Diacetyl and has the same accusations.  In fact, I just learned at the NAFF’s flavorist convention October 2014 that Acetyl Propionyl is about to be banned to less than one part per billion.   This ban has NOTHING to do with the ecig market.  AP and Diacetyl have been on the chopping block for a long time.  Both are expected to be banned and soon to one part per billion.  As the keynote speaker described, that is the equivalent to one drop on something the mass of a 747 airplane. Yes, it made me feel better I won’t formulate with it and that I did not sell it to people I know are vaping it.  I could have made over a two hundred thousand dollars more in the last year if I did sell custard with Acetyl Propionyl and I would not.

I read the ecigarette forum and thank heavens they are figuring out some of this math for themselves. But I am not a member because I cannot deal with the few trolls owned by the one selling Acetyl Propionyl flavor products. As far as selling “claims” my other personal favorite is flavor being sold as “Diacetyl Free” which offers a natural assumption that it must be safe or that no other compounds are problematic.  I am not representing that way because it leaves the wrong impression.  I can say our flavors do not contain the butter family of acetyls.  But I do not think custard flavor ever needed them as I explained at the start of this post.  So I think it was reckless and wanton for people who DO NOT VAPE to be presenting to us things in this fashion and profiting greatly off doing so. They could have reformulated but since they DON’T really manufacture flavor they could have been spending more time with the plant in California that does make it for them and spending less time glossing it over to sell on the internet for inhalation.

Green Tea Flavor Made with Organic Match Powder

On another note I also formulated a wonderful Green Tea flavor concentrate and it is heavenly. It is organic and it is one of our first organic products. It is a beautiful fluorescent green as is any high quality Matcha powder. We also use an expensive organic green tea extract for power in the formula.

Green Tea organic flavor concentrate

Organic green tea flavor concentrate

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I never wanted to be “Zappos” shoes where you can return anything-but we had to be. Hundreds of “flavor companies” sprung up on the net over the past few years and it has been unreal. It is almost impossible to tell who really sells the most concentrated flavor.  These new entities do not make flavor and they simply dilute and resell having very little control over ingredients. A few buy from me, but never disclose their end use. Because when push comes to shove I know they cannot afford to stand by their diluted flavor and would go broke — I had to implement a “100% money back guarantee” this month and “exchanges ok” (although we will have to discard any exchanges obviously.) So far there have been no requests out of 500 orders. That’s great because I intend to stand behind it. I want customers to know their hard earned money is safe and we wont say “sorry it sucks” but “you opened it.” As one customer said “you have to open it to see what it tastes like!” Hopefully with my new policy those who were making money off pure junk will not be able to afford to stay in the game with your money. It is a great example though, where competition makes buying better for the base consumer.

Tobacco Flavors Available at Vapor-Flavor.com

Google restricted us from running candy flavor ads until we removed Tobacco flavor off our candy flavor site. We moved them to http://www.vapor-flavor.com there you can find all of our flavors and your discount codes will still work.

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15 thoughts on “Finally a Custard Flavor with NO Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin or Diacetyl

  1. Hi, I was curious which green tea on your order page is the organic matcha flavored one? There is one listed as ‘Green Tea Organic’ and one as ‘Green Tea Vapor Flavor’, the description of the latter says it is also organic. Thank you, excited to try that and your custard!

    • We just use the organic green tea for both. Whoever put it on the page probably did not realize there was a green tea already there when I asked them to add it as organic. Hope your holidays were great. It was crazy busy for us so I did not have time to do any updates or newsletters.

  2. Hi — do you use Butyric Acid? That is also a concern when it comes to inhalation. I don’t see anything here about BA — just wondering. Thanks.

    • Yes, and I LIKE Butyric Acid. I vape it in my chocolate. It is an element in MANY flavor formulas at all flavor companies – (cheesy sweaty note) and not sure whose knocking it. We don’t use it in our Strawberry but it is a common component of most Strawberry formulations. If you have VALID data I need to read on Butyric Acid, please send it to me. I attend all of the conventions and never heard of that one as an issue. I think Isoveraldehyde [malt] is one to worry about – I won’t use, I died coughing when I even tried. And MSDS seriously says to wear head gear even when packaging it. So-when I read THAT–well, its a no brainer. Some MSDS were written in mass, by lawyers not really specific to the material….to broadly cover any chemical as dangerous so keep that in mind. You need to look at the real flavorist material books to see the true character of things and how a material really should be handled.

      Speaking of safety FDA is sending out cease and desist letters to those companies selling flavor materials in the vape world as “FDA approved and Safe” when they were NEVER safe for inhalation. As one speaker said “I would just says its all dangerous and uncharted territory” as it truly is. I vape at my own risk…but I do try to formulate without any material that can remotely be harmful. And no, we do not know “all” and no one does. I am positive of thing, it cannot be ANY worse than cigarettes and what they put in them…brochodilators and yada yada.

      • Do take note that the chemical safety data sheets for butyric acid list is as a category 3 health hazard. The same category as chlorine gas, a chemical weapon used in World War I. Short exposure is known to cause tissue damage. It’s explosive when heated, and it’s flash point is only 170 F. It’s a medium strong acid and very corrosive to metals. Go find the safety sheet.

      • Sorry I am so late in replying. I have been at flavor school in Europe. Europe has higher standards as you may know. I would LOVE to say I did not see this-but I am approving and posting your comment out of respect to you. I am still OK with Butyric Acid. It is naturally in foods and your stomach depends on it for a healthy digestive system. It is present at like 4% in butter, (not to be confused with the other D word) and our Butyric comes from vegetables and is used at like one part per trillion – (think a drop of water on a 747 airplane) and Nilla Wafers would never be so good without it. Butyric acid is naturally in many foods – it is the cheesy sweaty note. People eat Butyric acid supplements. I think many chemicals can be harmful when used at 100% – and were not meant to be use at 100%. But NONE of my response is claiming it is safe for inhalation. No one, so far, has tested anything for inhalation but the empirical stuff (such as inhaling Vics menthol to open up lungs or Eucalyptus) and age old inhalation remedies that provides known relief. I CAN say I vape our chocolate a LOT for a year now and it certainly has that note–and my lungs were just CT scanned because I have slight asthma and my lungs looked great. I was surprised [due to other offenses.] They could have been looking at the wrong persons scan 🙂 Still, I will talk to my peers about it. Again, I will state Isovaleraldehyde is some mean stuff on the lungs and is being used as a “malt” flavor I won’t formulate with. So-I DO care. I just do not know everything.

  3. Matthew D. V-III on said:

    I have been using flavors from candyflavors.com for nearly six months.
    Every flavor I have received has been consistent and true to the taste I was looking for. I am more than ecstatic that that you now carry a custard flavor that is free of these harmful chemicals for inhalation.
    As a die-hard custard fan, and a satisfied customer, you can be sure that I will be ordering some of this delicious custard and bavarian cream to add to my recipes.
    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in looking out for your consumers safety, while continuing to deliver quality products that tantalizes our tastebuds.

  4. jparnell8839 on said:

    Is your custard concentrate a pure custard, or a vanilla custard? I’m looking for a pure custard to re-do my juice line, and I haven’t found a concentrate that makes just custard without vanilla.

    • Our custard formula we created at our labs is eggy creamy vanilla slight caramelization which is what custard is. Some flavor companies do not know how to make it so they just sell “vanilla” as custard and why vanilla may be perceived as overdone in your market.

      I noticed many eliquid flavor companies depending on a “butter” note which was never necessary, was never in a real life custard recipe, [although tasty for sure] and but dangerous because they must use “cousins” of the bad one, and they are JUST as bad when they hit heat. So even if they advertise they are “FREE” of the bad one and have “Tests to prove it” ask them for a test AFTER it hits heat! Because the truth (they know) is in POST heat vape. We try to say nothing at all than to say misleading pitches such as “FDA APPROVED” materials-(no flavor was EVER “FDA” approved for vaping and they know it.) Although we also use FDA approved flavor materials-we all know vaping is very different.

      • jparnell8839 on said:

        All right, I’m sold. I’m heading to your site to order a small bottle to sample. I will definitely let you know how it turns out.

  5. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that we started our company to try and eliminate all of our juices of these chemicals, because of this concern

    You can check us out at http://www.thecleanvape.com

    We have had 2 of our most popular juices tested so far and the results for the rest will be done shortly!

  6. It’s good to see a seller that worries about the well being of its customers. I don’t claim to understand all the chemical stuff, but it sounds like other sellers are selling product that is unsafe to use. I would rather stick with this seller just because of their safety concerns. Also, the money back guarantee is a HUGE selling point for me, I mean, how many times have you bought an e-juice from a company, tried – didn’t like it but were stuck with it. How else do you know if the flavor lives up to its name without trying it? I’m sold on this company!

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