Holiday Season 2013 Vapor Flavoring for e-Liquid ecigs

eLiquid Flavor Vapor Flavor Flavoring for e-Liquid

eLiquid Flavor Vapor Flavor Flavoring for e-Liquid

A customer on Candy Flavor dot com noted the blog has not been updated in awhile and they are right.  Since February we have been just slammed with the e-Cig market [yes we sell flavor for that also] and it is far healthier than smoking for those who have had an impossible time quitting.  The e-cig basically delivers nicotine in a fairly “accepted as safe” base used for asthma inhalers.  That base is a water based element known as PG.  Our flavors were ALL reworked over the summer as we also vape here.  We found flavor for candy was not specific enough – so our entire line has benefited regardless of what you are flavoring and our flavor now has more specific power.  For example, the citrus family is one of the hardest to convert from fats [peels] to a water based element.  As of a few weeks ago we have the best citrus water based flavor on the planet and this was not true formerly – when it came to water bases.  Our Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and any blends made with them are now exceptional.  We also changed our solvents to be far more pleasant.  Typically former solvents never mattered because a candy maker is flavoring sugar.  Our flavor has always smelled as good as it tastes and this has always set us apart from other flavor companies.  Because much of flavor is lost in the vape cloud we recommend 10% usage in an e-liquid formula and in some rare cases only 5%.  Our menthol for example is so strong 5% is sufficient.  But this is a different ratio because a candy maker needs far less.  They have no “loss” per se.   eLiquid makers need to use a water based known as pg based.  The front page of our web site is all OIL based and this is for chocolate makers and lip balm manufacturers.  Small sized water based eliquid flavors are here and bulk water based eliquid flavors are here.

Deborah Dolen Bestselling Author of DIY Books and Flavorist

Deborah Dolen Bestselling Author of DIY Books and Flavorist

We love the e-Cig we all feel it gave us ten extra years – and anything was better than the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes.   They smell very pleasant, such as vanilla, and people actually ask us to vape around them!  Maybe you do not vape but you know a person who is and were curious about it.  Be supportive of them.  No one knows 100% safety of the eCig HOWEVER even I know it is better by FAR than a real cigarette.  And although they are not sold as smoking cessation, many people I know, including myself, am able to walk away and not even need anything anymore – including an eCig.  Very empowering.

The biggest thing I hear about eLiquid flavor companies (several times a day) is that “I bought useless flavor from so many different companies how do I know yours will be any better?”  Until two years ago there were only maybe FIVE places to buy flavor on-line.  Lorann’s, Candy Flavor Dot Com [US,] and Get Suckered.  That truly is about all.  Now there are hundreds and most are “brokers” buying and diluting flavor – most do not know what they are even doing.  Some are going to Wal-Mart and buying Watkins extracts and selling them on the net as eliquid flavor.  I will tell you right now extracts are not a good idea for flavoring eliquid.  Part of the reason is you would have to use so much, like 30% or more and the alcohol content alone in the extract could blow up.  When you hear silly stories this is probably what they were doing.  Lighting up an alcohol base – and “poof.”

The way to offer almost any flavor is to buy our kit that has 40 basic flavors and a blending chart to make 145.  This really helps you have all flavors and you can create your own blends from there also.  Our best flavors in order as to how we love them is now:  Raspberry, Lemon Pound Cake, Bear Claw, Double Menthol, Blueberry, Grape, Lime, Tangerine, and Cotton Candy.  Newer flavors Graham, Pecan, White Chocolate are far superior to our product line last year.  So, we feel all our flavors are great now and the only one I am still working on is a good chocolate for vaping purposes.  Our present chocolate is “OK” but I found an all natural derivative of cocoa that is superior because the former one just is not outstanding when it comes to flavoring eliquid.   The new one will be available in a few weeks, and will be natural and it won’t be clear.  Synthetic chocolate can be clear and that is what we sell presently.

For holiday flavoring ideas check out page two of our printable two page list.  I laid out all of the great new holiday flavors including pumpkin praline in the coffee flavor family.  Our oil based list is much smaller and this is because the market demand for oil based is only about 5% of our orders.

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Season 2013 Vapor Flavoring for e-Liquid ecigs

  1. From past one year i am searching for some good flavor, my search comes to an end when i got gourmet vapor e liquid but after reading your article i want to make flavor by myself rather than testing new flavor every time because what flavor you need is not necessary being available on shop.

  2. Robert palmer on said:

    I like to make or mix my own flavors you said — I will tell you right now extracts are not a good idea for flavoring eliquid. then how should i buy flavor to make my own I have the PG & VG & the nicotine I have bought the flavors in a PG and I have bought in Extract form too.
    I thought the extract would have been the better way to buy it and make flavors….Help!!!!!

    • We vape here also and extracts are far too weak. They cannot sustain high heat is why. So you need a professional water based flavor like we sell. 10% of our flavor to your mix should flavor your world.

  3. Amazing we crushed it on the first try!!!! Solid tasty flavors

  4. I am interested in making my own e-liquids….dissatisfied with what I’ve been purchasing commercially. I’ll have to try yours!

  5. Great flavors. This company is directly responsible for the rapid growth of my e cigarette side of my business. All flavors have been perfect each and every time. She is very personable and glad to help if you have special requests. Thank you soo much
    Richard Hatch

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