How to Flavor Coffee Beans


How to Flavor Coffee Beans

How to Flavor Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

How to Flavor Coffee Beans and Flavoring Roasted Coffee Beans with How to Video Below

Flavor used to flavor roasted coffee beans is a specialized formula because the flavor needs to survive high heats – during two stages; after the coffee bean roasting process and the heat applied during the actual process used to make a cup of coffee.  For professional strength coffee bean flavor please click here.


In case you were wondering, you do not flavor green beans – you would only apply flavor after the roasting process.  The beans can be warm or cold, it makes little difference – but they do need to be roasted first.  Also, it is not typical to flavor coffee already ground, although people have been known to do it.  Putting flavor oil in ground roasted coffee would make it clumpy-so it could only be done when a whole pot is being made.  Some large corporate offices do this.  Our main market is professional coffee roasters, although we service both. For professional strength coffee bean flavor please click here.

How Much Flavor Do You Apply to Roasted Coffee Beans?

Some proprietors of freshly roasted coffee use as little as one teaspoon of flavor oil per pound of roasted beans.  We feel that is very prudent, but it will flavor.  2 ounces would adequately flavor five pounds of beans and offer a more dense flavor.  That puts your flavor usage at about 2%.  So, the range can be 1% of flavor per pound or as high as 2% of flavor per pound.  The official rate would then be .016 of an ounce to .032 [a third of an ounce] to flavor a pound of beans.  A third of an ounce of flavor per pound of coffee beans would offer a rich qand dense flavor. For professional strength coffee bean flavor please click here.

How is Flavor Applied to Coffee Beans?

Most coffee bean roasters apply professional coffee bean flavor with a squirt bottle – or a ladle, and then toss the beans in it.  They lay the flavored beans out on sheets for an hour or two – so the oils absorb before they go off to storage or grinding.  This offers a fantastic scent for merchants who flavor in front of customers–making their customers part of the whole process.  Showmanship, but effective just the same. For professional strength coffee bean flavor please click here.

Top Twelve Coffee Bean Flavors for 2012


 A few very busy coffee bean roasters simply pre-roast their beans way ahead of time, and flavor as needed.  The beans will absorb the flavor even if cold. 

Coffee Flavor Oils dot com

Coffee Bean Flavor

Here is a very cool short film on YouTube by one our coffee roasters:

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters

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