Flavoring Chocolate

Flavoring Chocolate, Butters and other Fats

Flavoring Chocolates, Butters and Other Fats

Chocolate is fat based and requires flavor oils that are truly oil based.  Candy flavor oils are called that – but often are really a thick water based. This is not a bad thing, we sell each type.  But water based flavors are not going to work in chocolate bases.  Chocolate makers must be sure they are getting an actual oil based flavor. Water based flavors can always be used for sugar centers-so all is not lost if you have water based flavors on hand.

Flavoring chocolate with professional based oil flavors is easy enough.  Typical usage is under 1% but can be as high as 3% depending on the project.  This means .016th of an ounce per pound of chocolate.  Or look at it this way- 1/5 of an ounce of flavor per pound.

Flavor can be used to enhance existing flavor-such as make a cherry center taste more “cherry” or create a tart flavor in a center, such as key lime or raspberry truffels that would be ideally dipped in dark chocolate.  You can use a water based flavor when doing your sugar “centers” or “fondants” and that would give you more options in flavor than oil based would allow.   If you are making candy centers from basic sugar bases – please see our candy makers section for fondant ideas and recipes.

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