Flavoring Teas, Bud, Herbs, Tobacco and other Dry Botanicals

How to Flavor Teas, Herb, Tobacco, Weed and other Dry Botanicals

How to Flavor Teas, Herb, Tobacco, Weed and other Dry Botanicals

How to Flavor Tea Leaves – Bud – Herb – Tobacco – Weed – Reefer – Medical Marijuana – How to Video Below

Flavoring Bud, Weed, Tea Leaves, Reefer, Medical Marijuana, TobaccoYou can easily flavor bud, tea leaves, herbs, tobacco, weed, Medical Marijuana, and any dry botanical by spraying flavor on the dry parts.  Popular flavors [in order of popularity] are; Blueberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Juicy Frutti, Hypnotica (which is passion fruit basically,) Triple Berry, Double Mint and Mojito (kind of like Margarita but with a hint of spearmint and cilantro.) Video below on how to spray flavor on dried botanicals.  Click here for water based flavor menu.

Our professional based concentrated flavor offers great scents and rich flavor—also withstanding high heats, (not just offering a great scent.)  How much flavor you spray on your herb, bud, tea leaves, reefer, Medical Marijuana, or tobacco can vary, because the volume of dried botanicals can vary so widely.  A good rule of thumb is one ounce of flavor per pound of dried botanicals.   If your herb, bud, dry tea leaves is really fluffy and takes up a lot of space-it may need 2 ounces of flavor per pound.  Often a high grain alcohal like Everclear is used to help distribute the flavor and it dries off quickly after application.

Flavor is applied to dry tea leaves, herb, bud, tobacco, Medical Marijuana, or weed by using any sprayer.  Often people applying flavor will use a high proof ethanol in the flavor when spraying to help even distribution.    They will put 20%-50% grain alcohal in a spray bottle with the rest flavor, shake it up and spray away.  20% ethanol to 80% flavor is the best ratio, but if the flavor is thick-you may need more thinner (Everclear).  Ethanol will dry off leaving flavor deposited evenly. Try not to add water to cut your flavor because if it does not dry completely you may have mold problems.  Again, you want a really dry product.  If I had a super thick flavor I may do 60% flavor in a spray bottle and add 20% distilled water and 20% Everclear-shake well and spray away.  I would let it dry completely to get the smell of alcohal out and make sure the product is dry.  Click here for water based flavor menu.

Some really good flavors can be thick by nature, and another reason a high proof ethanol like Everclear is helpful for application.  Most states sell a 190 proof Everclear and that is far preferable to 150 proof.  150 proof will be OK if that is the best you can get in your state.  Most flavors are not so thick though.

Oil or Water Based?  Oil based flavor is really only used by operations using high heat lamps and doing bales of herb or tea leaves at a time.  Very hot heat lamps can almost evaporate any oil residue and still retain high flavor.  They feel it also adds to the texture and weight in a favorable way. Click here for water based flavor menu.

MOST people flavoring dry tea leaves, bud, reefer, tobacco, Medical Marijuana or herb, use water based flavor on their dried botanicals because they do not like the smoky after effect that comes with an oil based flavor, and they need fast drying flavor.  Both oil based and water based offer good flavor.  If I was aiming for flavor that rocked the world-I would so a second application a day or so later. So I hope you learned something here on how to flavor your tea leaves, bud, herb, Medical Marijuana, tobacco or weed.

Flavoring Bud, Weed, Tea Leaves, Reefer, Medical Marijuana, Tobacco

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6 thoughts on “Flavoring Teas, Bud, Herbs, Tobacco and other Dry Botanicals

  1. hi just wondering how long does it take for oil based to be dried let say on a pound of herbs?? Been looking everywhere but cant seem to find a answer thank you

    • Some people use oil based because it adds weight and sticky texture to shape [such as cube them] and they use hot heat lamps to dry it. I do not like oil so much because I feel it makes it skokey. Deborah Flavorist

  2. Hi here I’m quite new to the “Flavoring Herbs” practice, I find this article very informative. Where can I find more information on the specs, the procedures and legalities of spraying herbs & teas to retail?

    P.s. I’ve looked all over Google and this is really the only helpful information I’ve found.

  3. Flavoring Herb and Spice Blends on said:

    We flavor herb with it and the flavors from this company not only smell great–but taste great. We flavor red clover, damiana, and marshmallow leaf 20/20/60 which makes a good blend. I find damiana really helpful to bleed flavor over to the marshmallow (which needs it). Candy flavors we use for our herb include Blueberry, Strawberry, Hypnotica, Candy Apple, and a vanilla rum spice blend. We buy water based because oil based is to smoky.


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